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Last year was billed as the "Year of Change".  In fact, several surveys of senior leaders across business and government pointed out that the number one focus in 2016 for most organizations (around 90%) was Process Improvement. And, we see a similar trend in 2017, with one major difference - most organizations are now realizing they need to "ReBuild" their capabilities to compete in today's very different marketplace!

2017 will bring its own challenges that will cause governments and businesses alike, to

Fundamentally Rethink

their operation, improving performance to levels previously unseen! In fact, today's environment is full of challenges that requires a new kind of organization, one that is leaner, faster, and less costly than its predecessor.  This environment creates change faster than ever before, where organizations must learn they are not only responsible for producing a product or service, but in doing so, they must become competitive.

Competition can come from many different fronts including other companies or government agencies who can provide the same service as you. Globalization and Regionalization creates the need to work collaboratively across many diverse cultures, languages, and technology platforms. For an organization to be competitive, it must be able to operate on many levels, each of which must be completely integrated into a single strategic direction. Performance must be defined, measured, and monitored through a comprehensive enterprise performance management system built around a multi-view perspective, and focused on accountability.

Becoming a High-Performance, Learning Enterprise requires an organization to fundamentally rethink its core business processes and its culture to achieve competitive advantage through dramatic improvements in critical measures of performance. To create the competitive edge so many organizations are seeking and sustain it into the future, an organization must continually learn from its mistakes and begin to apply that knowledge through process management best practices.  Business Process Management (BPM) has been embraced by enterprises around the world as a way to integrate the key elements of inherent in all organizations - Process, Organization Structure, Organization Culture, and Enabling Technologies.

So, whether you are a company reaching for Global market dominance or a government agency needing to improve operational efficiency, Mountain Home has the experience to help you get to the level of performance that ensures your success!

Mountain Home’s focus on business process management & reengineering certainly isn’t new.  As the original developers of the DoD BPR Certification Program starting in 1993 while on the faculty of the U.S. Army Management Engineering College (AMEC), we have certified over 14,500 individuals from over 3,500 different organizations from 83 countries, with over 78,000 having gone through at least one of our BPM&R training sessions.  Today we are excited to offer a full line of business process management & reengineering training and consulting services!

To assist organizations in achieving the competitive edge so desperately needed in today's ever-changing marketplace, Mountain Home offers a wide range of Business Process Management & Reengineering certifications and supporting skills/tools courses that will prepare your team to reach its absolute potential!  We offer a whole line of traditional seminars and workshops as well as our Live!Online and OnDemand (self-paced) training and certification courses using the latest web-based, online collaborative technologies.  You will find that we are, for most, a one-stop shop for the training, development, and certification you need to support your journey to a more efficient and effective organization!

At the heart of our entire Process Improvement curriculum is Mountain Home's own Innovative Management Framework methodology. The IMF is an integrated, structured framework that combines our twenty (20) years of providing MHi Business Process Management & Reengineering Certification training (originally known as the U.S. DoD BPR Certification Program) with new, cutting edge principles of Enterprise Knowledge Management (eKM) first introduced by The George Washington University, Lean Six Sigma, and Enterprise Performance Management (ePM) introduced by Robert Kaplan & David Norton through their best selling book, “The Balanced Scorecard, Translating Strategy into Action”.  

Organizations discover that the IMF will lead them through a systematic approach to Organizational Transformation beginning with Strategic Planning, Process Modeling & Analysis, Activity Based Cost Modeling & Analysis, Business Case Development, and Implementation. The Framework includes the development of an enterprise Performance Management System (cascaded throughout the organization) and the infusion of knowledge management and, of course business process management (BPM), principles which enable the organization to become a true Process-Based High-Performance Learning Enterprise.

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