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MHi BPR to LSS Black Belt Advanced Practitioner Course (Live!Online)

Course Code:       MHC-2003BPOL Delivery Type:   Live!Online
Course Length :   20 Day Price:                $995.00

This is a special program that has been developed specifically for our MHi BPR Certification Program. If you have completed the MHi Lean Six Sigma GREEN Belt Certification (or acceptable substitute), you would only be required to complete the new 5-Day Mountain Home LSS Black Belt Advanced Practitioner Course, MHC-2003BP. This course provides additional advanced Lean Six Sigma concepts, techniques, and tools that were not covered in the original BPR Certification Program.

If you have not completed the MHi Lean Six Sigma GREEN Belt Certification, then you would be required to complete a GREEN Belt level certification before you will be accepted in the Advanced Practitioner's course (MHC-2003BP).
Who Should Attend

Individuals who have completed the MHi BPR Certification Program and are looking for an in-depth, working knowledge of leanSixSigma concepts, techniques and tools.
How You Will Benefit

The attendee will learn how Business process management (BPM) brings a much needed perspective to the process improvement effort by defining enterprise processes that cross the many functional and departmental boundaries and produce the products and services of the organization. This ability to define an enterprise context allows the Lean Six Sigma team to focus on problems that affect the entire system, not just one small part of it. By bringing together the synergistic power of Business Process Management (BPM) and Lean with the statistical discipline and rigor of Six Sigma, an organization will be able to bring its entire problem solving knowledge to bear in a multi-dimensioned way, ensuring a greater probability of success! A participant in this course will benefit greatly through:
  • Proven, hands-on, blended approach to learning (with many group discussions, exercises, and case studies) that includes classroom participation and the use of Mountain Home's online resources.
  • Latest on government process improvement trends, concepts, and implementation strategies.
  • Up-to-date reference/course materials.
  • Apply a proven, structured approach to Lean Six Sigma.
  • Presenters with actual experience in the area of Lean manufacturing, Six Sigma process analysis, and business process management.

What You Will Cover

Part 1
1. DEFINE (Advanced)
  1.1. Defining the Performance Problem (Advanced)
1.1.1. Application of Quality Functional Deployment
1.1.2. Advanced Stakeholder Analysis
1.1.3. Determine Process Performance Metrics
1.2. Case Study Application - Define
2. MEASURE (Advanced)

2.1. Build Process Model/Map
2.2. Build Value Stream Map
2.3. Measurement Systems Analysis (MSA)
2.3.1. Determine Types of Data to be Collected
2.3.2. Ensuring Data Accuracy and Integrity
2.3.3. Displaying Data
2.4. Analyze Process Capability
2.4.1. Design and Conduct Process Capability Study
2.4.2. Assess Process Capability
2.4.3. Assess Process Performance
2.5. Case Study Application - Measure

Part 2
3. ANALYZE (Advanced)

3.1. Measure and Model Data Relationships
3.1.1. Least Squares Linear Regression Analysis
3.1.2. Linear Correlation Analysis
3.2. Test Hypothesis
3.2.1. Determine Confidence Levels
3.2.2. Calculate Sample Size
3.2.3. Test for means, variances, and proportions
3.2.4. Goodness-of-fit Tests
3.2.5. Analysis of variance (ANOVA)
3.3. Case Study Application – Analyze

Part 3
4. IMPROVE (Advanced)

4.1. Applying Design of Experiments
4.1.1. Planning and Organizing Experiments
4.1.2. Design Principles
4.1.3. Design and Analyze One-Factor Experiments
4.1.4. Design and Analyze Full-Factorial Experiments
4.1.5. Design and Analyze Two-level Fractional Factorial Experiments
4.2. Develop the Business Case
4.3. Case Study Application – Improve

5. CONTROL (Advanced)
  5.1. Establish Statistical Process Control System
5.2. Analyze Control Charts
5.3. Case Study Application - Control


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