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Business Transformation Transition Planning Workshop (Live!Online)

Course Code:       MHC-50102OL Delivery Type:   Live!Online
Course Length :   9 Day Price:                $325.00
Who Should Attend

This online workshop is designed to provide the student an understanding of what Organization Transformation is and how it can be effectively applied successfully in any organization. The course is designed for individuals currently or soon to be involved in an Organization Transformation effort through Business Process Reengineering (BPR), Functionality Assessment (FA), OMB A-76 (Commercial Activities) project, or organizations going through significant budget cuts; or those who need to know how to implement such projects or the aftermath of budget reductions.
How You Will Benefit

Today, throughout Business and Federal, State, and local government, change is inevitable. Performance Improvement is the watchword. Budgets are being slashed at all levels. Organization Transformation has been mandated by the government community as a means to improve an organization's performance. Transformation is all about dramatically improving organizational performance. A participant in this course will benefit greatly through:
  • Hands-on Application Workshop (you will leave with a DRAFT Transformation Strategy Plan)
  • Latest on government Transformation policy and strategy
  • Up-to-date reference/course materials
  • Apply a proven, structured approach to Transformation
  • Presenters with actual experience in the area of Organization Transformation

What You Will Cover

  • The latest information concerning Transformation policy, strategies, and direction.
  • An in-depth discussion of the Innovative Management FrameworkTM (IMF) methodology.
  • The IMF was created from the Framework for Managing Process Improvement methodology, originally developed by DoD (which forms the foundation for the entire BPR Certification Program training series).
  • Tools and techniques that will help the participant in starting and completing a Transformation effort.
  • Recent successes in applying Transformation concepts to organizations across Federal, State, and local governments.
  • The course will also examine how transformation can leverage work accomplished through BPR, Total Quality Management (TQM), Strategic Sourcing (including the Navy's Functionality Assessment guidance), OMB Circular A-76 (Commercial Activities), and budget reductions across all levels of government.
  • You will develop a DRAFT Organization Transformation Strategy Plan for your organization.


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