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Business Transformation requires an enterprise to fundamentally rethink its core business processes and its culture to achieve competitive advantage through dramatic improvements in critical measures of performance. So, whether you are a commercial company reaching for Global market dominance or a Defense Department agency transitioning through a Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) transition or participating in a Business Management Modernization Program (BMMP) effort, Mountain Home has the experience to help you get to the level of performance that ensures your success!To sustain that competitive edge in the future, an organization must continually learn from its mistakes and look for the best within itself.

Four Principles of
Knowledge Management
1. Leadership
2. Organization
3. Technology
4. Learning

This new organization must be made up of high-performing knowledge workers who are self-adaptive, creative, responsive, and who collaborate and share what they know with others, and are continuously learning. The organization must systematically reach out to create knowledge that is useful to others, capturing it and sharing it to facilitate the execution of its key business strategies. The end result is a successful enterprise that is effective, efficient, innovative, and competitive in any environment.

  Enterprise Knowledge Management (eKM) Training Program

For years known for its industry-leading, thought-provoking education and training in organizational transformation through business process reengineering, Mountain Home Training & Consulting, Inc. has once again come to the forefront with its new Enterprise Knowledge Management (eKM) Training Program. This new training curriculum takes the best from its years of providing the Mountain Home Institute for Innovative Management (MHi) Business Process Reengineering (BPR) Certification Program training series and combines it with new, cutting edge principles of Knowledge Management (KM) first introduced by The George Washington University. By providing education and training focused on a Enterprise approach to knowledge management, the student learns how knowledge is leveraged throughout every aspect of the enterprise, enabling it to create perpetual customer value.

The following is an overview of the Enterprise Knowledge Management (eKM) course curriculum developed by Mountain Home that exceeds the Government standards published by the Federal CIO Council as the KM Candidate Learning Objectives for a Government certification course. Using the Innovative Management FrameworkTM as the foundation of the curriculum, this training program takes an organization from initial strategic planning through the analysis used to develop a synergistically-aligned, Learning Enterprise. It provides the student an in-depth understanding of the concepts, techniques and tools behind the Enterprise approach to knowledge management and how they can be effectively applied in any organization. The courses are designed for individuals who are currently, or soon to be, involved in a KM initiative; or those who need to know how to implement and manage such initiatives.

The “Awareness” Series
Understanding Knowledge Management (KM) as a Business Strategy, MHC-406 (2 Days)
Executive Overview of Enterprise Knowledge Management, MHC-408 (1/2 Day)
Strategic Planning in the Knowledge Age, MHC-411 (2 Days)
Communicating The Road Ahead, MHC-412 (1 Day)


The “Practitioner” Series
Leadership and Performance in the Knowledge Age, MHC-401 (3 Days)
The Organization and Knowledge, MHC-402 (3 Days)
Technology in the Knowledge Age - Enabling the Enterprise, MHC-403 (3 Days)
Sustaining the Learning Enterprise – To-Be and Beyond, MHC-404 (3 Days)
Working in the Knowledge Age - Ways to Improve Your Personal Performance, MHC-405 (2 Days)


The “Application” Series

Mountain Home offers a wealth of hands-on experience to Commercial, DoD and other Federal organizations through its unique approach to consulting. Our approach is unique in that each “Practitioner Series” session not only provides basic and advanced concepts, techniques and tools in a classroom environment, it also has an accompanying set of tailored, hands-on facilitated workshops (1-5 Days in length) we call the “Application Series”. During the “Application Series” workshops, the attendees actually participate in the development of the Learning Enterprise Implementation Framework which is specifically designed for their organization. This Framework becomes the basis for any changes to the organization’s core processes, technology, and organizational structure and culture and culminates in the development of a Business Case that documents the changes necessary to move the organization toward a synergistically-aligned, Learning Enterprise.

We accomplish this through the creation of a “real world” learning environment that integrates the knowledge transferred during the classroom sessions with the immediate application of that knowledge through the use of collaborative technologies, in real-time. The result is change in the organization’s processes, technology and culture leading to significant gains in performance in a much shorter time than ever before.


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