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Mountain Home offers a unique approach to consulting. As former managers from both Business and government, we can identify with the challenges that organizations from both the government and commercial sectors face and the lack of an integrated approach to Transformation. This lack of integration has lead to results and millions of dollars spent in vain. Performance gains have continued to elude organizations because even though they may have increased efficiency and reduced cost in one part of the enterprise, the overall affect on value creation has been minimal or, in some cases, non-existent.

We offer our clients a proven methodology with flexible techniques and tools, that leads the organization through an integrated approach to improving performance. The basis of our consulting model is an integrated methodology we call the Innovative Management Framework TM (IMF).

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The IMF takes the best from our years of providing the MHi Business Process Reengineering Certification training series (originally known as the DoD BPR Certification Program), including applying the concepts, techniques, and tools to organizations around the world through our consulting engagements and combines that experience with the latest evolution of Lean Six Sigma (LSS) techniques and tools, cutting edge principles of Enterprise Knowledge Management (eKM) first introduced by The George Washington University and Enterprise Performance Management (ePM) introduced by Robert Kaplan & David Norton through their best selling book, “The Balanced Scorecard, Translating Strategy into Action”.

The IMF leads an organization through a systematic model beginning with Strategic Planning, Process Modeling & Analysis, Activity Based Cost Modeling & Analysis (including the concepts, techniques and tools of Business Process Management, Lean Thinking and the statistical discipline of Six Sigma), Business Case Development, and Implementation & Control by asking a series of five questions. The answers to these questions dictate the steps needed to reach their desired end state.

Using the Framework as the basis of our consulting model, we provide a series of five (5) to eight (8) facilitated workshops that focus on the six (6) clearly defined steps of the methodology. These workshops create a “real world” learning environment that integrates the knowledge transferred during structured learning sessions with the immediate application of that knowledge to organizational challenges, in real-time. The result is change in the organization's processes, structure, technology and culture leading to significant gains in performance in a much shorter time than ever before.


If you would like to know more about the Innovative Management Framework or how we can help you achieve a higher level of competitiveness, give us a call at 1-877-502-HOME (4663) or CLICK HERE to use our new Information Request Form.


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