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Welcome to the new Mountain Home Online Learning Center (OLC)! We are thrilled to now offer Mountain Home's most innovative and comprehensive Business Transformation training and education, that you have come to expect from us, in an updated and exciting new format. You can participate in classes ranging from just 1 hour to our internationally recognized MHi BPR Certification Program training series (57 online hours). We also offer two different formats that were developed to be flexible in meeting the ever-changing needs of our clients' training and educational requirements - Live!Online and OnDemand.

Using a "blended" approach to learning, Mountain Home's Live!Online classes leverage the convenience of the internet and combine it with the familiarity of a live instructor to create a truly unique educational experience. Our students have the ability to meet just twice or three times per week for a maximum of 3 hours per day, enabling them to continue to perform their "normal" job during the class. To enhance the flexibility of this format, each session is individually recorded and made available to the student after the class for further review or if the student has to miss one of the sessions, he/she can go back and view the session missed.

Mountain Home's OnDemand classes are pre-recorded sessions that are available whenever the student wants to view them. Many of these classes are interactive simulations where the student can participate in various exercises and quizes. The student can get all of their questions answered by interacting with the instructor for the class via email as well as certain pre-scheduled "instructor office hours" where the student can interact either via email or chat. The benefit of viewing an OnDemand class is it is available to the student twenty-four hours a day!

So, try out our Online Learning Center (OLC) and I know you will find the flexibility and quality you need to be successful! For more information, click on one of the sections below.

Live!Online Classes
OnDemand Classes
Mountain Home's Live!Online classes are a unique blend of experiences combining the convenience of the Internet with the interaction you get when you are in a real classroom.

All Live!Online sessions take place in REAL TIME allowing the student to interact with the instructor and other participants either through voice or chat. For a list of our Live!Online class schedule for CY 2006, please click the button below.

  Mountain Home has also added several OnDemand classes to its curriculum. The key benefits of OnDemand classes include they are self-paced and available when you need them. Many of the classes in this format are recorded versions of our Live!Online so you still get the sense of being part of a live class.

As with the Live!Online classes, the student can contact the instructor with questions or comments through email or by phone. For a list of our OnDemand classes available for CY2006, please click the button below.


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