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Today's environment is full of challenges that requires a new kind of organization, one that is leaner, faster, and less costly than its predecessor. This environment creates change faster than ever before, where organizations must learn they are not only responsible for producing a product or service, but in doing so, they must become competitive.

Competition can come from many different fronts including other companies or government agencies who can provide the same service as you. Globalization and Regionalization creates the need to work collaboratively across many diverse cultures, languages, and technology platforms. For an organization to be competitive, it must be able to operate on many levels, each of which must be completely integrated into a single strategic direction. Performance must be defined, measured, and monitored through a comprehensive enterprise performance management system built around a multi-view perspective, and focused on accountability.

Business Transformation requires an enterprise to fundamentally rethink and radically redesign its core business processes and culture, leveraging its critical knowledge to achieve and sustain competitive advantage through dramatic improvements in critical measures of performance. To sustain a competitive edge in the future, organizations must continually learn and look for the best within itself. This new organization must be made up of high-performing knowledge workers who are self-adaptive, creative, responsive, and who collaborate and share what they know with others, and are continuously learning. The end result is a successful enterprise that is effective, efficient, innovative, and competitive in any environment.

Over the past few years we have talked to hundreds of business and government leaders and employees asking them to identify their most pressing issues with Business Transformation. One of the most often mentioned topics was that of integration and training. Most of the people we talked to continually expressed their frustration that much of what has been presented on Transformation was difficult to understand and lacked integration and the training they had received had been either shallow or irrelevant.

In response to this challenge, Mountain Home launched its new “Business Transformation: Educating the Workforce” training program. As former Federal and Business leaders ourselves, we could identify with the challenges that these organizations now face and the lack of an integrated approach to Transformation. The “Business Transformation: Educating the Workforce” training program was created to address those frustrations. Mountain Home now offers both training and consulting services based on an integrated methodology we call the Innovative Management FrameworkTM. The Framework leads an organization through a systematic model beginning with Strategic Planning, Process Modeling& Analysis (including the concepts, techniques and tools of Business Process Management, Lean Thinking and the statistical discipline of Six Sigma), Activity Based Cost Modeling & Analysis, Business Case Development, and Implementation & Control. The Framework incorporates the industry standard Lean Six Sigma DMAIC methodology, and includes the development of an enterprise Performance Management System (cascaded throughout the organization) and the infusion of knowledge management principles which enable the organization to become a true Learning Enterprise.

The IMF takes the best from our years of providing the MHi Business Process Reengineering Certification training series (originally known as the DoD BPR Certification Program), including applying the concepts, techniques, and tools to organizations around the world through our consulting engagements and combines that experience with the latest evolution of Lean Six Sigma (LSS) techniques and tools, cutting edge principles of Enterprise Knowledge Management (eKM) first introduced by The George Washington University and Enterprise Performance Management (ePM) introduced by Robert Kaplan & David Norton through their best selling book, “The Balanced Scorecard, Translating Strategy into Action”.

Using the Framework as the basis of our curriculum, we provide a series of seminars, workshops, and lectures for executives, managers, and employees that create a “real world” learning environment that integrates the knowledge transferred during the classroom sessions with the immediate application of that knowledge to organizational challenges, in real-time. The result is change in the organization’s processes, structure, technology and culture leading to significant gains in performance in a much shorter time than ever before.

We are also very excited about Mountain Home's new Online Learning Center (OLC). Here you will find the online version of our training curriculum. Mountain Home has now included both the MHi Business Process Reengineering Certification and its new MHi Lean Six Sigma Certification training series as part of the online experience!

Mountain Home's Live!Online classes are a unique blend of experiences combining the convenience of the Internet with the interaction you get when you are in a real classroom. All Live!Online sessions take place in REAL TIME allowing the student to interact with the instructor and other participants either through voice or chat. For a list of our Live!Online class schedule for FY 2010, please click the button below.


Our training is not "just more of the same", but fresh new ideas that have helped many Commercial and Government organizations move to new levels of performance. Our promise to you is, "If we can't provide you with the training you need, we will refer you to someone who can!"

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